Strata Management

Our range of services in Strata maintenance and cleaning include:

  • Clean internal common areas and stairways
  • Clean window and glass
  • Clean light fittings and replace globes etc. Internal and external
  • Clean litter and leaves from entrances, garages, driveways and car parks
  • Taking bins out for collections and returned to bay.
  • Remove dumped items.
  • Clean and sanitize bins and bin area regularly.
  • Maintain garden and lawn
  • Clean with high pressure water of pathways, walls and external brickwork.
  • Remove cobwebs from internal/external common areas.
  • Vacuum garages
  • Clean common area BBQ
  • Clean garage roller doors and vents
  • Dust and remove cobwebs from overhead pipes and fittings in garages
  • Clean external grates
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