As a member of a Body Corp. in Newington and the person responsible for procuring the services of Ewa Cleaning for our “Block” I can honestly say it is the best decision we have made…the difference they have made to our “Block” in ALL areas is absolutely incredible and a testament to their approach to the job and the very high standards they set themselves…..I can say without hesitation whoever avails themselves of their services you are getting THE BEST.

Jim Cook “Botanical” Newington

Ewa at EWA Cleaning Services has, for the past five years, performed the task of cleaning our office and staff areas. She has consistently produced a standard of work that is praise worthy. On that basis, I would gladly recommend Eva at EWA Cleaning Services to anyone who expects a high standard of workmanship, a personal involvement and someone who takes great pride in her work.”
Kathryn E Kerr, CMR Direct

The proprietors are a pleasure to work with. They have a schedule to work in, constantly making improvements to the cleaning and garden areas. They have made themselves available to provide an outstanding service and a willingness to complete work of a very high five star standard.

I can unreservedly recommend them for any cleaning or garden maintenance and would be pleased to provide further clarification and reference for any further work thay might undertake.

Teresa Chylinska

Your attention to detail and the hard work to keep a property like ours which has 4 blocks of units, car parks with lots of cars, a pool area and a transient population changing so often means that it requires a lot of work for maintaining the property in good order. You do this so well and we can recommend you and you team to anyone wishing to have the most professional of services.

Thank you and we are All, the residents, the committee looking forward to continue our relationship with you and your team.

Liane Corbett, Secretary of the Owners Corporation
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